About Visual Artist Jamie Ashforth

Jamie Ashforth is a visual artist based in Toronto, Ontario. She has exhibited in a number of group and solo exhibitions in Central and Eastern Canada and holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Concordia University, Montréal, Québec. Jamie works in film production as a Scenic Artist where she uses paint to mimic real surfaces like wood and brick to fabricate environments. Collaborating with film crews influences her interest in artistic co-creation and incorporating installations into her art. Other career highlights include collaborations with musicians to create album artwork and merchandise. Jamie founded Ashforth Press which is a paper goods business that features digitizations of her paintings. Additionally, she co-founded Art Not Shame, a non-profit that encourages youth to creatively express themselves as a means of empowerment.

Jamie is well-versed in a number mediums and is currently working in painting and sculpture. Her artistic mission is to call attention to the way surfaces and textures celebrate hidden nuances of a person’s identity. She has a curiosity for the unseen richness that is embedded in our stories and memories and produces works in pursuit of exploring elements of the self that remain hidden. Through acts of expressive self-reflection she is able to shed light on the unseeable. She enjoys spontaneity in her creative process and finds that employing unpredictability helps bring her work to life.

Jamie Ashforth



A house is painted without its surrounding topography. Pores of skin are printed but not the entire body. A swatch of fabric is framed alone rather than keeping the piece of clothing intact. The isolation in Jamie’s compositions is intentional. By omitting pieces that make a complete and clearly understandable picture, the fragment that remains is displaced, suspended and isolated. Like a memory.

Jamie’s subject matter – bodies, shelters, animals – are specific enough that they evoke familiarity, but vague enough that the viewer can impose their own storyline onto the image; a co-created narrative.


At once intimate, sparse, muted, an anticipation without needing more, Jamie’s works are rich, sweet and humming with life. Floating images, entirely rooted, elusive senses evoking the story untold while remaining tangible through their tactility, their texture and their perception. Jillian Messervey

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